Spiky or Soft?


Flower heads from pennisetum grass look spiky but they are actually very very soft. I discovered this morning that flower heads on grasses are called spikelets – more to do with the shape than the feel of them.

I have also found out today that the false spam comments issue seems to be affecting only UK blogs. It also looks as if it might not be resolved for several days yet.

Please have a look at this forum thread and add your ‘two-pennith’ if you are affected.


16 thoughts on “Spiky or Soft?

  1. The main subject looks good with one on either side, out of focus, in the background. And I like the combination of green and ?plum red towards the insides of the spikelets – what a great word!


  2. Beautiful photo. It looks soft to me. I am happy to say that your most recent comment came to my blog with no problems πŸ™‚


  3. Great photos and I learned something today: spikelets.

    Let’s hope the spam issue is tackled soon. We should be focusing on the fun of blogging.


    1. Many thanks, TBM. I was contacted by staff at Akismet this afternoon and was asked to fill in a form. I read on the forum that someone had success after filling in the form and were subsequently able to make comments afterwards. Looks like a good sign.

      Yes – you’re right, we should focus on the fun of blogging. Hopefully, this commenting issue will get resolved and we will be back to normal.


  4. A lovely palette of pastels. It looks soft to me, and I’m happy to learn that it was. It does bear a striking resemblance to similar vegetative structures that are spiky in the extreme.


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