Feeling the Heat


The high humidity is really rather uncomfortable at present although it looks as if it might cool down by the end of the week; thunderstorms are on the way.

This group of heleniums seem to symbolise just how warm it feels at present!


38 thoughts on “Feeling the Heat

  1. OMG, this picture’s nearly blown my eyes out!!!!!!! Quick, the sunglasses!!! I love this picture, but it has to be one of the most fiery I’ve ever seen – what colours – this is the hottest reddest chilliest pepper of photos! πŸ™‚ And you’ve got two bees too! Which I think makes four.

    Its a super shot, its one of the most striking I’ve seen for sometime; boy is it sharp, the shapes are out of this world, the processing is wonderful, and the combination of colours is just wowee!!!! What are you on? I want some! πŸ˜‰


    • Oh, no – I hope your eyes have recovered! It’s very intense, isn’t it? It’s actually an image from my archives – from two years ago. I haven’t done any post-processing apart from a bit of cropping. The light was just right to show off the colours without over-saturating too much.

      I really wanted to post something to show just how very very warm it is and this was the warmest image I could find. When I arrived home from work a little while ago, thunder and lightening started and we have had a bit of rain. It hasn’t cleared the air, however. I’m really struggling with the humidity. How is it where you are?

      Many thanks for your kind words on this, Adrian.


    • Yes – the colours are rather Autumnal, aren’t they?!

      We’ve had a few thundery downpours – not enough to quench the thirst of plants nor to cool the temps down that much as yet.


  2. You capture depicts the heat perfectly! We have been struggling with the heat and humidity here in Connecticut too. It has started to cool off now so that’s good. Woke up to rain and fog this morning – still pretty warm and extremely humid though.


  3. Wow…what a bevy of beauties, so colourful! And I like seeing the butt-end of that bee digging in. Superb. And, yes, I do feel the heat from seeing these wonderful flowers.


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