Butterfly on the Path


On a walk this afternoon along some local footpaths, I was so pleased to see so many butterflies. Wildflower field edges were teeming with them – and bees, and hoverflies, and other flying insects. It was quite difficult trying to photograph the butterflies with a hand-held compact camera so I settled – mainly – for watching these beautiful creatures cavort in the afternoon sunshine.

Then, all of a sudden, this peacock butterfly flew over and landed right in front of our feet on the path. I was amazed! It sat there for ages, letting me photograph it. What a special treat!

It’s wonderful that there are many of these beautiful butterflies around right now. Have a look at Adrian Lewis’ beautiful images from his garden yesterday:


and also, Dave’s beautiful image (at bananabatman) from his garden this morning:


23 thoughts on “Butterfly on the Path

  1. This is very sharp M, and I think you have got the closest so far. Very well done. I say so far, because the glut of Peacock Butterfly pictures may well go on. Perhaps we should start a club. Just joking! Also, thanks for linking to my post.

    I took the camera out today, hoping for more butterflies on the cliffs at Ringstead, but the sea mist rolled in and we decided to go elsewhere.


    1. Thank you, Dave. I couldn’t believe that this butterfly sat there – seemingly unbothered by me snapping away! It was wonderful seeing so many butterflies today – really wonderful.


  2. Well I seem to have started a trend here – great picture, M, I like it!

    And now, in the wake of the Church of England’s, shall we say “subvisual”?, funding of the payday loans firm, Wxxxa*, perhaps I’ll start a charity for Homeless Peacock Butterflies, with all funds covertly going to the coffers of the Keep Lewis Fat Fund! πŸ™‚

    As you may know, this glut of Peacocks is due to the first hatching of eggs laid earlier this year by individuals that have woken from hibernation. A

    *Edited by Meanderer


    1. Thank you, Adrian. Although I have to disagree with ‘this glut of Peacocks’ as I only saw a couple out of all the other varieties I saw. It was a rare treat for me!


    1. πŸ™‚ That’s okay, Dreams and Zeros! How amazing that it rested right in front of me. I fully expected it to move as soon as I pointed the camera at it. What a surprise that it stayed there! Many thanks.


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