24 thoughts on “Drawn In

  1. I had the same reaction to sunflower close-ups as you—that the petals had been crayoned or painted. Such a nice sedimenty flowy orange yellow. Mmmm, makes me shiver.


    1. Thank you, Annie. I always like to get in good and close when I photograph Sunflowers. Actually, it’s good to get in good and close even when not photographing them 😉


  2. Good stuff! The centre of the flower, and no I don’t know the name for the centre of a flower – the middle? 😉 – looks just like the top of some kind of flavoursome cupcake and, as you say, the petals do not look as if they have been photographed – a really glorious effect – maybe due to their being slightly less in focus than the “middle”? The petals could almost be flames. Striking picture, M! A


    1. Thank you, Adrian. I can’t get the idea of a cupcake out of my mind now 😉 I’ve had this ‘painted’ effect with these sunflowers before; it might – in part – be due to the petals being less in focus than the centre, but I also get in very close – which saturates the colours a little – emphasising the painted effect. There was no post-processing done, other than a bit of cropping.


    1. Thank you, Cocomino! Sunflowers make for wonderful Summer subjects whether in photograph form or painted form. I like the Van Gogh Sunflower paintings very much. I love the technique he used.


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