When I take photos of flowers I usually like to feature them strongly – up close and very much dominating the scene – but I thought I would try and experiment with flowers taking a softer role in an image whilst letting a rather more ‘humble’ plant have more prominence.

Here, yellow heleniums are out of focus allowing the quaking grass (briza grass) to have a bit of the limelight.

20 thoughts on “Amidst

  1. Good idea, M, this works well. It makes me look at the picture for longer, rather than being at once certain of what the subject is, it makes me take in more of the picture’s content and I get more of a feel for the whole scene. A


  2. Good work Meanderer. I immediately zoomed in on the flower and though ‘Blimey that’s out of focus, or is my computer slow in rendering it?’, as I waited a few seconds I saw the seedhead and got it.


    1. Thanks for your description of how this one appeared to you, Finn. It’s interesting to ring the changes a little. I had to resist taking photos of flowers – close-up – at the weekend!


  3. An interesting approach and one worth persevering with. I have to admit my first thought was that the flower was out of focus, possibly because i associate you with brilliant detailed flower photographs. It was only after ten seconds or so that my eyes alighted on the true subject of the photograph. It is definitely an experiment worth continuing with and getting the composition absolutely right to achieve the effect you are aiming for. I look forward to seeing more shots of a similar style.


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