13 thoughts on “Reed Seedheads

  1. I like the way there are different layers in this photograph – the soft seed heads in the foreground, the seed heads which are sharply in focus in the middle ground and the soft green background. It reminds me of a veil.


    1. Thank you, Margaret. I’ve tried to photograph these reed seedheads many times before but have either had images completely out of focus, or too much distracting background! I love them very much and wanted to show them in a good light. This is the best I have achieved so far. I’m pleased you like it.


  2. Once again, I really enjoy seeing the wind in the bush with you and it feels all peaceful and beautiful.

    I also invite you to have a look at my post about the “Capture the Color” contest held by Travelsupermarket because I invited you to take part in it (http://lespetitspasdejuls.wordpress.com/2013/09/15/capture-the-color/). I’m sure you have more gorgeous pictures to share on the theme and … there’s stuff to win! 😉



    1. Thank you, Adrian. These very fine and delicate seedheads are difficult for me to photograph – especially when they are blown about a lot by the slightest breeze! I was pleased with the way this one came out, however.


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