Monchrome Apples


Whilst on a walk today, I found a bucket of apples outside someone’s house – a kind offering from a neighbour.

Fruit is plentiful at present: apples; brambles; rosehips and sloes can be seen everywhere whilst out walking.

It has been a grey day but a strangely warm and muggy one.

Nights are drawing in now: dark at 7.30pm. The Autumnal Equinox today. The nights will draw in even faster. Time for gathering in – and reflection.

8 thoughts on “Monchrome Apples

  1. I love this time of year. . . and your photo captures the abundance and wholesomeness of the time without detracting from the autumn being a time for reflection as well. Plus you get to use “whilst.” What a great word!


    1. Many thanks, Patti! Yes – I love this time of year too. Right at this moment, it is dark but I can hear mechanical whirring going on – something agricultural but I’m not sure what.

      It is a good time to stop, slow down, and reflect. One can feel the slowing down and accompanying peace if one is listening to the Natural world.


  2. Autumn. The season when the year consolidates, when things that grew wildly now find their form and start to become comfortable with it. The energy that spread out now becomes steady and prepares for the winter. I love that time, when things slow down and invite me to do the same. Thanks for your inspiring post!


    1. Many thanks, Adrian. I can’t tell you how tempted I was to post the full colour version! I’m trying to post images I might not automatically post as I’ve been concerned about being too ‘samey’ and boring 😉


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