Rusted Beauty


Beautiful patterns adorn rusted iron girders which support a road above the sea.

I’ve been away to the sea for a few days for a bit of bracing clean air and some marvellous distant horizons. The weather was mixed, consisting of a combination of coastal mist; warm (very warm) sunshine; dramatic clouds; hours of dreary driving rain …….. but the most refreshing aspect was the chilly, biting, north west wind which made an appearance from time to time – blowing away those metaphorical cobwebs …….

24 thoughts on “Rusted Beauty

  1. I keep staring at this waiting for the exposure to decrease or the colors to come forth from the dream and to become stark. I think though, that this is my own personal reflection of taste. Images like this one are like watercolors with their tone and light and ability to be new each time or working. I like it thanks!


    1. Thank you for your considered comment, Elisa. I know what you mean about the colours; could they be just that much stronger and more vibrant ….

      I had another version of this where I tweaked it a bit to make the colours stand out more but it looked ‘hard’ and I wasn’t so keen.

      I have something lined up today which is even more like a watercolour, I think!


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