Red Sail


‘Twas a misty moisty morning whilst standing on sopping sea-water-drenched stones near Nothe Fort, Weymouth, Dorset, that I spotted sailboats – some of which – replete with spinnaker sails – were slowly but surely swaying and tacking in and out amidst the soft pastel backdrop of the bay ……..

Red appeared – providing a useful focal point for this distant image.

As I was thinking about posting the image, David Gray’s ‘Sail Away’ came into my mind. I thought I no longer had the album ‘White Ladder’ in my collection but was surprised to find it. Not knowing how – or if it is possible –  to add an audio track to a post on WP, I didn’t attempt it – but if you know of the song, please imagine it whilst looking at the image (or listen to it if you have it 😉 ).

14 thoughts on “Red Sail

  1. Great photo Meanderer…how I would love to be out in one of those boats. Whenever I see sailboats I’m often reminded of my two favorite songs
    (I like David Gray’s Sail Away also) Enya’s Orinoco Flow and Christopher Cross’s Sailing. For some reason…every time I hear them I get goose bumps and tears well up.


    1. I love Enya’s Orinoco Flow but wasn’t familiar with Chris Cross’s ‘Sailing’. I’ve just listened to it on Youtube and enjoyed it. I was young (and foolish) in 1980 🙂

      I know what you mean with regard to songs about sailing ‘away’ …… The David Gray one chokes me up. I’m pleased I have found the album. A musical gem from the past!

      Thank you, David.


  2. Yes, the red is striking, Meanderer. I also like the way the blue and yellow sails on two other boats add to the strength of the red sails.

    It is interesting how people connect emotionally with wind powered craft, be it tall ships or sailboats, as well as steam powered trains – they are irresistible.


    1. Thank you, Margaret. It is interesting. On another day, I watched entranced whilst a guy skillfully windsurfed back and forth. I thought how wonderful and liberating it must be to do something like that.


    1. Thank you, Adrian. I was quite a distance away from this scene and it was pretty murky with low cloud. I was, of course, aiming for a watercolour effect 🙂

      You may have been overseas at the time of the song. The album is well worth a listen.


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