16 thoughts on “Y

  1. I like this a lot! The background colour is great and so is the seaweed, but the whole thing is helped by the darker detritus hugging the seaweed’s curve – almost like a shadow hugging a highlight – and also the swathe of this darker detritus on the left of the shot.

    Oh god, I’m into geological mode – everybody down! – >>> its looks as if the receding tide was carrying the darker sediment lower right to upper left across the shot, so that some of it became trapped on the windward side (the curve) of the seaweed – and so giving a light “shadow” upper left of the seaweed – which also helps the composition! … think I’ll go and have a nice sit down …


    1. I’m enjoying the geological mode greatly (I know: don’t call you greatly!). Yes – the grey grains next to the seaweed are what I like, also. The image wouldn’t be the same without them, I think – adds to a 3D effect.

      I’m pleased you like it, Adrian. Also pleased that your computer appears to be sorted. We rely on them so much, don’t we?


  2. This had me think immediately of The Stag and magnetic sand. The way it is showing(or is rather hidden) is important to me, as well as the thoughts of magnetic something…a substance that I encountered some years ago and had lost the information and notations of wisdom about its purpose and use. I was graced with locating it again this morning and I will pursue both themes today. I am thinking it is probably a thing that I do not care to accept…but normally after such admonishments, I progress inside of myself and perhaps let go of something that really isn’t all that good for me–hindsight helps, a little, I think…


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