Trees in a Frame


A view through old leaded-light windows to trees beyond – on a rare bright Autumnal day.


26 thoughts on “Trees in a Frame

  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo yay! My insides are a bit conflicted about trapping that tree like that with metal! But, that 8 is speaking to me again and the reaching of the branches from ground is again helpful to me. Your images are helping my ‘teachers’ in getting me to attend them, thank you.


  2. This is unusual, M >> haha! now YOU’VE been at the cider again! I do recommend Old Rosey – it makes me very mellow (amongst other things …).

    This image is an interesting idea. Its mono, isn’t it? The lead of the window is very up front (as indeed it is!) and in my face, but its far more entertaining than a normal, rectangular window frame – it almost gives the effect that its spinning round, an effect which is enhanced by its being slightly out of focus.

    And the trees look almost as if they’ve been solarised – its a strange effect >>> but the whole image is slightly surreal and certainly striking. A


    • Thank you, Adrian! Pleased you like this one. Although I was in a Wetherspoon’s when I photographed this, I hadn’t been at the cider – I hadn’t been at any alcohol at all! Just a coffee; promise πŸ™‚


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