Gazing at the Beech


A view of some bright beech leaves quite close to me whilst looking at a hazy backdrop ofΒ  trees covered in a light layer of mist.

I love beech trees – I think they are my favourites. They always look so statuesque and graceful – and colourful.

14 thoughts on “Gazing at the Beech

  1. I’ve found some beech trees in a near canopy of some of our neighborhood streets here in SLC…always remind me of some of your photos, Meanderer…I was not familiar with them until seeing them on your earlier posts. Very nice image…. πŸ™‚


  2. Very lovely M ! I find some of their branches can be so frondy , with just one or two beauties left clinging and waving in sunlight they do make for a very pretty picture .
    There are some nearby that are calling to me ….


  3. This is a nice, tranquil picture with beautiful, pastel colours. The beech twigs and their leaves describe a broad “V”, and it seems as if the background within this “V” is slightly softer and of more muted colour than the bits of the background outside the “V” – an interesting effect. πŸ™‚


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