Afternoon Tree Light


Sun streams across a grassy area next to a river and catches the lime-green leaves of this Ash tree giving a feeling of warmth on a cold day. It was wonderful to see the sun yesterday even though it was biting cold.

The weather this morning has reverted to grey and dull with the need for lights switched on indoors.

12 thoughts on “Afternoon Tree Light

  1. That’s very effective – I like the slight mistiness here, and are those half-seen tree trunks on the ground, or light beams or flare – whatever, they look good! And of course the brilliant Ash leaves cutting through it all – great! A 🙂


    1. The lines are flares from the sun. I wouldn’t normally include such things – regarding it as a photographic faux-pas – but it seemed right for this one. It was a beautiful afternoon.

      Many thanks!


      1. OMG … the sky darkens … fell voices echo through the gloom … The End Of Days is surely upon us … no, its not a Conservative Party Conference … or tonight’s Eastenders … or even Strictly Come ******* Dancing! .. its me reading “I wouldn’t normally include such things – regarding it as a photographic faux-pas ” ……

        Forget the faux-pas … forget the rules >>> JUST GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Have to go and have a little sit down now …


        1. Oh – sorry about that! Here’s a virtual glass of Old Rosie 🙂

          Yes – it’s all part of that contradiction between regarding photographic rules as irrelevant and, at the same time, worrying about getting it totally wrong. Sometimes I’m bold and sometimes I’m wobbly. I was a bit wobbly with this one but posted all the same. Thanks for the advice 😉


          1. Oh that virtual Old Rosie was virtually good >>> come on in, the ether’s lovely ….. hic!!! …. but only virtually … of course …

            Glad I didn’t offend you – but these things get to my rapidly crustifying (is that a word? – = becoming crustier?) self.

            FATman, he say, if it looks good, it is good, full ******** stop!

            Also, not sure about the hyphen in faux-pas, so by inserting it you may have made a faux pas … benefits of a classical education, you know … can’t think of any others … just now … well, except getting into the ruling elite of course … if that’s what turns you … on …


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