The undersides of giant Gunnera leaves. Gardeners at a local arboretum have cut the old leaves and stems and have turned them upside down to cover the tender crown of the plant during Winter.

I love to see these large moisture-loving architectural plants even though they look pretty formidable with their huge leaves and stems adorned with prickles. It’s a bit of a challenge to stand underneath them without getting snagged!

I have two more – slightly different – images of these leaves which I will post during the next few days in a short Gunnera series. The colours were really interesting in the soft Winter sun.

12 thoughts on “Underagunnera

  1. Excellent image, M – its almost mono, isn’t it, and wonderful textures. And with Gunnera you’ve hit on a plant that I almost know of – sort of like rhubarb with prickles, and lovely big leaves (I bet I say that to all the greenery …), and found in damp places – all this courtesy of a romance, long ago.

    The patterns on the leaves could be rivers and their tributaries, seen from space. I look forward to the rest of the series. A 🙂


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