Shapely Tree


This English Oak tree with its shapely branches exemplifies how a lot of trees look this Winter in Southern England. I took this photograph a week ago and there were many other trees which were almost in full leaf too.

12 thoughts on “Shapely Tree

  1. Lovely M .
    You know I’ve seen the same – so many Oak trees this year really seem to be unwilling to shed their autumn leaves .
    As you’ve shown it makes for a glorious sight on a bright December’s day !


    1. It’s all very strange, isn’t it? I mean – we are in the midst of sending and receiving seasonal cards with snow on them, and listening to songs about snow everywhere – and when we look out of the window we see Autumn! I’m not complaining though – it’s nice to feel a bit warmer at this time of year and we’re saving a bit on heating πŸ˜‰

      Many thanks, Poppy!


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