Monochrome Spire


A view through colourful trees to Salisbury Cathedral’s magnificent spire – the tallest medieval spire in Europe.

I haven’t altered the image to make the spire monochrome; it must have been a bit misty that morning!

12 thoughts on “Monochrome Spire

    1. It is in such a commanding position – as one would expect – that you can see it from many miles away from all routes into Salisbury. It is a fantastic, majestic and very beautiful building 🙂

      Thank you, Cocomino.


  1. Lovely photograph . It’s just wonderful isn’t it M . So graceful – it can look quite ghostly at times !
    I loved living here a few years ago .. and we STILL play that …’ I saw the Spire first :-p ‘ when we visit and are driving down the road from Amesbury 😉


    1. It is a wonderful and beautiful building. We joke that it looks different every time we drive or walk past it – sometimes it looks bigger than at other times. It is amazing how it can be seen from so many miles out on all points of the compass – whether in a car or on a walk.

      I even plucked up the courage to climb the steps inside in order to see the vaulted ceiling in more detail (scared of heights!). It is a marvellous building although often covered in scaffolding on one side at a time – it’s a bit like the Forth Road bridge with regard to maintenance!


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