Oak on the Water


A peaceful image for a Christmas Day evening. I was going to put a link to a famous rock song – one that springs to mind when I look at this post title – but decided to keep with the peaceful vibe 😉

11 thoughts on “Oak on the Water

  1. Peaceful is good, plus I haven’t got a clue what you’re alluding to re the title. Mind you, after a Boxing Day “breakfast” or two very strong, sweet coffees accompanied by two glasses of superb malt, I’m not sure I’ve got a clue what I’m alluding to either.

    However my spontaneous reaction on first seeing this was “Oo, that’s good!” and I remain with that opinion. Some might say that this needs a focal point to attract the eye but I disagree – its simply a very beautiful thing to look at, and the eye is retained by that facet alone. The texture is wonderful, and the combination of grey and orangey leaves – and those jagged black “fragments” of water – is beautiful to look at. I could certainly live with this on my wall, or have it as a pattern for curtains.

    Hope you’re having a good Boxing Day. A 🙂


    1. The title alludes to an old favourite song of mine: ‘Smoke on the Water’ by Deep Purple – a classic.

      The strong, sweet coffee and Highland Park mixture sounds like a fun way to start Boxing Day! I had a Lavazza filter coffee yesterday with a smidge of Cointreau and some double cream, and it was delicious; highly recommended 🙂

      I’m pleased you like the image. I had two versions – this one and a close-up. This one works better than the close-up, I think. I could email this as a jpeg if you’d like it?


  2. A classic indeed, in both senses of the word (the musical nod and the new image). Love the hints of sub-surface green as well. I, too, am reflecting on blessings and friendships, most warmly. And I cleverly perceive that you are aware of Adrian’s penchant for Highland Park. One of my New Year’s resolutions will be to add this to my archive of experiences. Cointreau’s also wonderful, though I have a slight preference for Grand Marnier. Have you tried some of the French nut liqueurs? Ah, so many new experiences!


    1. Yes – I saw Highland Park in a shop a couple of days ago and wondered whether to try it, but we have our favourite ‘Laphroig’ at home so I’ll think about it for next time 🙂

      I’m not sure if I have tried Grand Marnier – very possibly. There was something about Cointreau that reminded me of when I was young and I decided to revive a little of that!

      Many thanks, Gary.


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