Feathery Frost


Woke up to a rare frost this  morning – only the third or fourth occurrence this Autumn-Winter. The frost was adorning the car windows and bonnet but was quickly disappearing as the sun warmed it – so I swiftly went outside to take some photos.

Looks like there will be no frost for some time once again as storms are forecast for the second time in less than a week. Floods and power outages are still affecting some people in Southern England since before Christmas.

11 thoughts on “Feathery Frost

    1. Thank you, Gary! I’ll see what that crop looks like. There was something about the ‘scratchy-looking’ white area top left which appealed to me; made me think of something antique and worn.


  1. Another striking image – love the intricate patterns (obviously) but the array of dull greens are also very lovely! We had a frost here too recently, maybe it was the same day – in all the weather we’ve been having, it came as a surprise.

    And I love “outage”! The very first time I ever heard the term it brought new illumination (ohhh!!!!) to my life to know that, most of the time, we are in an innage. 🙂


    1. Ha – yes, it sounds quite painful to have an innage doesn’t it?!

      Mm – a frost in the midst of all this wild weather is a little surprising. These floods and storms we are having, though, are something quite worrying.

      Thank you for your kind words re: the image!


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