Feathery Frost


Woke up to a rare frost this  morning – only the third or fourth occurrence this Autumn-Winter. The frost was adorning the car windows and bonnet but was quickly disappearing as the sun warmed it – so I swiftly went outside to take some photos.

Looks like there will be no frost for some time once again as storms are forecast for the second time in less than a week. Floods and power outages are still affecting some people in Southern England since before Christmas.


11 thoughts on “Feathery Frost

  1. Another striking image – love the intricate patterns (obviously) but the array of dull greens are also very lovely! We had a frost here too recently, maybe it was the same day – in all the weather we’ve been having, it came as a surprise.

    And I love “outage”! The very first time I ever heard the term it brought new illumination (ohhh!!!!) to my life to know that, most of the time, we are in an innage. 🙂


    • Ha – yes, it sounds quite painful to have an innage doesn’t it?!

      Mm – a frost in the midst of all this wild weather is a little surprising. These floods and storms we are having, though, are something quite worrying.

      Thank you for your kind words re: the image!


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