In a galaxy somewhere ……

In a galaxy-201312

……….. approaching the start of a new year: 2014 was a species trying to make sense of their world 🙂

If only we could view ourselves from such a distance what a joke we might appear to be.

I don’t usually make resolutions or plans for changed attitudes or ways of being at the start of a new year but I feel a sense of optimism for 2014.

Change is afoot for me; a change of job and probably a change of house – downsizing but with room for animals and an organic garden in a permaculture way of being – looking after and being at one with the environment. Along with these, a change in orientation towards rebuilding relationships, catching up with old friends, having more tolerance and kindness, and generally being softer in attitude.

A new addition to my family – a new generation – has brought much delight and happiness and a fresh – less cynical – way of seeing things. A less selfish view prevails.

A very Happy and Wonderful New Year to followers, likers and commenters of the Lantern Room. You make it a special place.

Lets greet 2014 with a kinder softer attitude and a feeling of goodwill to each other. Have a great one!

26 thoughts on “In a galaxy somewhere ……

  1. Wonderful, inspiring words, M >>> and I’m going to send you an email right now! If we can view ourselves from any distances what a joke we might appear to be – we are microscopic beings on a microscopic world, and many things are really not as important as they seem.

    And I like the photo – and your analogy is spot on. A


  2. I love the kinder and softer attitude idea, and I hope that many others will adopt it as well. I am really looking forward to this new year, in so many ways, and your posts are locked in among them. I hope this is the start of a great year!


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