Crab Apple Feast


An image from November last year. Bountiful fruit on a lichen-encrusted crab apple tree.

It hasn’t been good weather to get out and about with the camera so far this January. We are having copious amounts of rain – accompanied by leaden skies.

14 thoughts on “Crab Apple Feast

  1. Consider yourself lucky with your rain, M. We’re having the coldest January since 1997. It’s predicted to drop to 1F (-17C) here tonight. I’d love to get out in the rain with my camera (albeit maybe my little waterproof one).


    1. Yes – it looks extremely cold in the US and Canada. We are having problems with floods here in many areas and there are several flood warnings out – with the promise of more rain and strong winds to come. One of our large trees in the garden became uprooted and had to be brought down.

      I think if the very cold, snowy, weather arrives here – which it might – conditions will be treacherous.


  2. Beautiful colours – and we need some colour after this ghastly spell of weather. Hope you are staying dry. I remember when I was a child, my mother used to make delicious Crab Apple Jelly – it made great jam sandwiches!


    1. Those sandwiches sound great! Yes – a bit of colour was needed yesterday! We managed to get out for a walk this morning during a rare dry spell but it was pretty grey!

      How is it where you are?


      1. I live in South Northants – so are about dead centre in the UK. Miles away from the sea, a bit of a cultural desert but the bonus is that storms lose much of their fury by the time they reach us…and I live on high ground. The wind is s9unding quite fierce tho this afternoon. When will it end?


        1. We’ve just been looking at weather maps on the ‘net and are discovering the hotspots, wetspots and coldspots of the UK. We are in a bit of a wet and windy spot in the SW! Ah well: it keeps things lush!

          When will the wild, wet, and windy weather end? Not for a little while, I think. Batten down the hatches ……..


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