Away with the Fairies


A wild clematis seedhead flowing and fluttering around in the cold breeze a couple of days ago.

It reminded me of one of my favourite phrases/sayings/idioms: ‘Away with the Fairies’. I have always called floaty seeds such as these – and those from dandelions – fairies, and this large one reminded me of several fairies dancing together.

I guess one could describe these imaginings as being ‘away with the fairies’ – somehow detached from everyday down to earth thoughts 🙂

Quite a pleasant way to dream away a grey and rainy day!

28 thoughts on “Away with the Fairies

    1. Thank you so much! It’s often quite difficult to photograph these seedheads against a neutral background but fortunately I was able to get amidst and underneath them for this shot!


  1. I remember your mentioning the fairies in a previous post, and love the name. I can imagine the one with the small bit of light space around it as a furry, elongated tadpole swimming in to join its brethren.


  2. As an image I like this – once again, its getting away from looking like a photograph, which is always good.

    But I also feel a lightness in your words, a slight change in them, that betokens new and good things. A 🙂


    1. Thank you, Adrian. Interesting your comments about the words – quite perceptive! I do feel lighter – less tense and less irritable. It’s amazing how those moods can come across in a few words.


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