Soggy Bits in a Rusting Wheelbarrow


Apart from the longest title in the world (slight exaggeration?) the title doesn’t fill one full of exciting promise – but, there is much beauty and interest to be found in such a place. It may not be a beautiful flower in full bloom or a glorious sunset or a lush, verdant, field but it can still be lovely.

Lichen takes on a rich colour when wet – as does wood and rust.

Lets not forget less obvious beauty – in Nature and in people – when out and about.


18 thoughts on “Soggy Bits in a Rusting Wheelbarrow

  1. The content is much more pleasing than your title led me to believe, and your sentiment is totally laudable. As you well know, I’ve been a lichen fan for quite a while, and you’ve found some nice ones here!


    1. Thank you, Gary! I played it down a bit; ‘soggy bits’ doesn’t sound enticing or exciting, does it?! I hadn’t photographed lichen for a while but intend to make up for it this year!


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