To glide ………


……….. : move with a smooth, quiet continuous motion

To soar: increase rapidly above the usual level

To illuminate: to light up

A glimmer: a faint sign of a feeling or quality


Definitions taken from ‘The Concise Oxford English Dictionary’, Eleventh Edition, Revised, 2009, OUP, Great Clarendon Street, Oxford.

15 thoughts on “To glide ………

  1. Now, you’re boasting about having a dictionary has no place here – tho I do at least know now where balletic & co came from!

    With these pictures, you’ve done it again. I much prefer the lower one, because I think the highlight overpowers the top one – my eyes are dragged to that blaze and hence I’m missing out on all the other goodies.

    But the lower one – well, it was “Ohhhh, that’s nice!” once again – what a pleasure it is to see good pictures! I love the gull (well, you know about me and gulls!) – you’ve caught it very well, tilting to one side, and with the bill plainly visible. But what really gets to me is the wonderful lighting on the water, and the textures there – and the slightly letterbox format helps this a lot – I prefer it to the upper photo’s format.

    The foreground is land of some sort, and to me that featureless blackness sets off the sea very well – better than if the sea had reached the shot’s bottom margin I think. A πŸ™‚


    1. πŸ™‚ I’m usually pretty lazy with definitions and will sometimes use website based ones rather than reach for my trusty OED. For this post, I wanted definitions to describe the images rather than me trying to explain. Although English was my best subject at school, I am more of a visual person than a words person which explains why accompanying text is usually very short. I’d love to write bits of poetry to accompany my images but the words never come right.

      Thanks for your opinion on the images. Again, I had a few different versions. I kept changing my mind about the bubbling clouds in the first one but decided I liked the drama. I wondered whether the letterbox version lacked something but came back to it when about to post.

      The object in the foreground is a breakwater. I was standing on Brighton Pier.


  2. I cannot honestly say that I prefer one over the other–like them both very much! In the first one, the rays are spectacularly dramatic and the second gull adds to the interest–and my (new!) eyes are not pulled away from the gull by the sun glowing through the clouds. The second is much more subtle, reserved, and pensive, and gives rise to more contemplation. Lovely work, M!


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