Pink Bee Chuts


A row of orderly looking pink – and various shades thereof – beach huts close to Bournemouth beach. There’s something about the orderliness which appeals to me.

I’ve changed my theme – refreshing my blog for the New Year – but I’m not 100% sure. I like footers and I like a clean outlay – both elements which this theme has – but I think the header is too deep, and I’m not sure I like my images floating without a frame. Maybe I can add one myself.Β  We’ll see πŸ™‚

Edit: 13.01 : I’ve changed it back to Modularity Lite but have lightened the background πŸ™‚

22 thoughts on “Pink Bee Chuts

  1. I have never seen such beach huts, very nice, it is hard to find the right theme, I like the clean look, not a great fan of the header, Annie


    1. The English coast has an array of such beach huts – a little different in each place but basically pretty and characterful wooden sheds! They used to be very cheap but now cost a fortune.

      Yes – themes are often almost right, but not quite. Thank you for your thoughts on this one – a recent addition. The header is too deep and chunky but I don’t think it’s worth paying for a CSS upgrade in order to diminish it!


  2. Great post as usual. Love the colors. Good luck on changing your theme–it can be a challenge. I am not crazy about the header, but it could be that I am slow to appreciate change! ; )


  3. I nearly always try to imagine what I will find in your post by considering your title, but this one had me completely stumped. It’s a little surprising on the one hand because we love to play with words in just the same way, but on the other, “beach huts” is not a common term here, or I might have picked up on it after all. What a fun title, and thanks for the laugh!


    1. Thank you, Gary! I don’t think ‘bee chuts’ is a well-used alternative for beach huts but I always think of it spelled that way because of how I say it in my head – and it amuses me greatly! I’m pleased it made you laugh too!


    1. πŸ™‚ I got fed up with the dark background – probably affected by grey rainy days. I wanted something lighter but I’ve gone from one extreme to another. Will have more time to play with the background tomorrow πŸ™‚


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