18 thoughts on “Water Under the Bridge …..

  1. Certainly unusual reflections, but very effective. I do like the ‘gradient’ of reflections from top LH to bottom RH of the frame. I’m already trying to work out exactly where you were standing, but I mustn’t, it is an abstract after all. Great image M.


    1. Thank you very much, Dave. This image is so abstract, I can’t remember where exactly I was standing! It must have been on the bridge but I can’t rembember where exactly (it was October!).


  2. Your eye for the abstract is inspiring, M. If you’ll permit another comment, I probably would have done a somewhat tighter crop of the lower edge, but it works very well as it is, and it’s so much fun to try to figure out the structures that are reflected. I can almost see faces…


    1. Thanks very much, Gary! I cropped this one various ways and ultimately decided on this one. Somehow, it was important to keep the sparse bits at the bottom ….. don’t ask me why!


  3. Oh that’s nice, wonderful stuff, very striking, like an abstract painting! – and I can see faces in it, pre-cider faces, lady!!! (D’you think I may getting more sensitive in my old age?) And I can see it rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise too, in which case these two people will be standing on their heads. A 🙂


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