Witch Hazel Whisper


A faint impression of a yellow witch hazel – hamamelis – against curly branches and a grey sky.

Witch hazels come into their own at this time of year and brighten up dull January days. I have a couple more witch hazel images, of different colours, to post in the coming days.

6 thoughts on “Witch Hazel Whisper

  1. This didn’t immediately strike me, but the more I look at and into it, the more I like it. As you say, an impression, with the best parts for me being that crazily sinuously contorting trunk in the background, and those wonderful yellow flowers – at least I think they’re flowers, but you what my botany’s like!

    Thinking of hazy impressions, I saw a book review in Amateur Photographer – “Walking Dreams” by Isabella Berr – don’t know what Google will throw up – but she produces dreamlike images – I’m r4ather interested. Adrian


    1. Thank you for looking at it again. I wasn’t sure how much this one would appeal – it’s very much a ‘Meanderer idiosycratic’ one, I think. I actually cropped out the in-focus flowers on the left as I liked the out-of-focus bits more. It reminds me of how things look when I drive without my glasses 😉 Well, my eyesight isn’t quite that bad (except at dusk!).

      I will look up the book you have mentioned. I like images which are dreamlike. Many thanks!


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