Seeing Eye to Eye


The second in the raindrop on twigs series. It looks as if one twig is keeping a beady eye on the other in this image which I rotated 180 degrees.


10 thoughts on “Seeing Eye to Eye

    • Thank you, vinnieh. By the way – I have watched the first in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and hope to watch the second soon. Will report back when I’ve watched them all.


  1. Wow! I cleverly deduce that our mutual friend the FATman has been twisting your mind (too) in inspiring us to rotate our images. I have grown increasingly aware of the possibilities that this simple process opens up, and I’m grateful to both of you for reinforcing the inspiration. This one is just brilliant!


    • Ah, yes – Adrian twisted my mind to the magic of rotation a fair while ago 😉 Sometimes I think of trying it and sometimes I don’t. For these droplet images, I naturally wanted to see what the picture inside the drop looked like the right way round. That’s when it occurred to me that here was a couple of eyes!

      Many thanks, Gary.


      • What – >>> my name being bandied about in the ethereal custard!? >>> I deny everything! >>> it wasn’t me, it was the one-armed man!!!

        And that twig + droplet does look excellent – like some hugely eyed snake or writhing maggot – good stuff! A


        • You mean you haven’t heard about your reputation as the ‘Rotation Master’?! It’s well known around these blogging parts, you know.

          A ‘writhing maggot’ – sounds gross, but I can see what you mean 🙂 Many thanks!


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