On a Rainy Day …….


……. colour and joy can be found – even in January!

I – seemingly foolishly – decided to visit Sir Harold Hillier Gardens in Hampshire, UK last Thursday – a day which promised rain but also – hopefully – a few brighter intervals.

As it turned out, it did rain quite a bit with short intervals of brightness, but it was still a lovely day in so many ways. The rain sometimes brings out colours on a grey day in ways a sunny day sometimes fails to do because of strong contrast and shadows.  I think the colour is appreciated more on a grey day, also. It provides a real lift to the spirit.

This is a photo taken from the shelter of a piece of sculpture in the gardens: an large upturned wooden boat with seats where one can partake of a spot of lunch whilst looking across the pond at a variety of plants including the bright cornus stems seen here. One can also enjoy the company of a variety of ducks who come to share your lunch. Quite idyllic really.

18 thoughts on “On a Rainy Day …….

  1. I am also very fond of shooting in the rain–with adequate protection, of course. It’s actually warm enough here today for rain, rather than snow, but there’s a clear sky. At least the winds are mercifully much calmer. Over the course of the past few days, we’ve had gusts in excess of 50 mph (83 km/hr). It looks like there was some wind for your day in the garden, but not too fierce. I like the gentle angle of the rain streaks.


    1. Thank you, Gary. Yes, I really should go out in the rain more. Luckily I was under shelter here so my camera was protected from the rain. It’s the first time (I think!!) that I’ve attempted an image such as this. I will certainly try it again.

      Good that the temps are rising a little for you there and that the strong winds have abated.


    1. Thank you, Poppy! Yes – there haven’t been many non-rainy days for some time, have there. Sunday was dry I think, and today was nice. I was at work today in a small room without a window but customers kept me informed that the sun was still shining 🙂


  2. It looks as if it was raining pretty darned hard. You’ve captured it really well. I’ve never really tried to, but I should. Need to be in the right place (shelter) with a good subject (like yours) when it is raining hard, and with a camera. Then I need to work out how to do it. Shutter speed is obviously key to this. Might I ask what yours was please M?


    1. Thank you, Dave. Yes – the showers were quite heavy but it did make for interesting viewing whilst standing under the shelter. As you might know, I use a compact camera and use minimal settings. I tend to work intuitively rather than technically and enjoy the serendipity of the results. Here, however, is some exif info for this image: Exposure time: 1/160 seconds; F number: 4.40; ISO: 500. Let me know if you need any more info.


  3. This is an unusual shot. Foremost, I like the falling rain, you’ve caught it well; but there are also those luminous colours shining through – especially the yellows, and the greens of the grass. You wouldn’t get me out on a day like that – at least, not outside the car! 🙂 A


    1. Thank you, Adrian. It wasn’t raining all day – there were dry spells between the heavy showers! I think sometimes one needs to get outside whatever the weather, and it was one of those days for me 🙂


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