A Day for Ducks


I joined ducks for a day out in the rain. We all enjoyed it in our various ways as lunch was shared out between us.

Edited in GIMP: Artistic pre-set: Soft glow

22 thoughts on “A Day for Ducks

            1. 🙂 They always have an amazing – and very appealing – look of wild abandonment to me (I once mentioned to Adrian that one of his such images reminded me of Cathy from Wuthering Heights) even though that look is misunderstood, as they are highly maintained! Isn’t that a paradox?! My own look is more wild abandonment than highly maintained, however 😉


  1. I like this – the duck on the left in particular has quite an unreal feel – and especially so as you’ve caught him/her/it on one foot; and the gleaming wet path and those two tufts of grass help too. Do you regularly use GIMP? I’ve never tried it. A


    1. Thank you, Adrian. No – I don’t regularly use GIMP. It is rarely used to clear dirt or otherwise extraneous detail from an image. I have also used it on odd occasions to rotate and straighten a horizon. I like it because I am a fan, generally, of open source software. I generally use IrfanView for slight tweaks to contrast and saturation and for cropping and re-sizing for the blog.


    1. I am pleased that you and your daughters like the duck. They were really cute. They make very strange sounds when they want a bit of your sandwich but they are wonderful, characterful, friendly creatures 🙂


    1. Many thanks, Gary! We are continuing to enjoy a couple of drier days this week. We’ve even had bits of blue sky and a little sunshine! One good thing is it has been mild – no complaints there!


  2. What a contrast to my experience with birds today. I was taking a break on my journey to Melbourne driving in 40 degree heat. I had parked the car in deep shade in a park in Gisborne. Some ravens flew down hoping for scraps from my sandwiches. Their beaks were agape as they panted to cool themselves. Wondering if they were thirsty, I poured water into a shallow bowl and placed it nearby. The birds gathered to drink. When the bowl was empty, one of the ravens picked up the bowl in its beak and waved it about. I got the hint and poured in more water.


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