Watery January


Had a rare bright and dry day today so decided to take a walk around the village in the afternoon to see how the local environment was coping with the never-ending rain. There was plenty of flooding where the river had burst its banks and we had to turn back at one point as the water was too deep for us to make progress along a favourite path.

This photo of some of the patterns in the flood water was taken just before we had to turn around. More rain is forecast for tomorrow but colder – and hopefully – drier weather is on its way next week – allegedly!

15 thoughts on “Watery January

    1. Many thanks, Gary! This was water from the river which was coming across the path. Long straw-coloured stems were drifting in the almost clear water. Made into a jigsaw puzzle …….. that would keep me amused for a while 😉


      1. Vb.. just a typo.
        I was walking home reading blogs on my mobile as I went. (memories of mornings long ago reading magazines on my paper round spring to mind here)
        Since I was jabbing at my screen with rapidly chilling fingers while negotiating puddles, other walkers and at least one pushbike I’ll forgive myself the typo this time. 😀


  1. Yes, I was intrigued by vb too …

    This is a strange picture – looks like patterns in thick glass and it plays tricks with the eyes, and those faint bluey greys go very well with the yellowishes – good stuff! A


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