Twig Globe


An image of trees caught within a raindrop held by a small twig from a branch. I called the image ‘Twig Globe’ because it reminds me of a snow globe (without the snow πŸ˜‰ ). It also reminds me of something from Lord of the Rings – but I’m not sure why. I’ve just finished watching the trilogy on DVD so it’s possible that many things will remind me of LOTR – for a while …….

59 thoughts on “Twig Globe

  1. Super fantastic…I think yesterday’s daily prompt was flattery. Instructions were to post another’s amazing work. I’m reblog this amazing photograph. Very cool. ~amy


  2. Seriously. This is CRAZY good. I love to take photos of raindrops and on rare occasions, I will get a little bit of colour or a blurred reflection. This is stunning. And, I know how tough it is to get! Congrats on being in the right place and the right moment.


    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments, Paula. As you say – it was one of those right place right time moments! I was surprised it came out so clearly on a dull day πŸ™‚


  3. You are getting really good at these, M, and I’m loving this new series. I can’t wait for an end to constant sub-freezing temperatures here and the return of water to its most natural (to my way of thinking) state–liquid!


    1. Thank you, Gary! ‘Water water everywhere’ seems apt here at the moment. There seems to be no end to the rainstorms coming in from the Atlantic. People are having to be evacuated from their homes, an important piece of railway – a gateway to the West of England – has collapsed, and houses are collapsing into the sea.


  4. Great picture – at first take, it makes me think of some malevolent worm or caterpillar, with a huge eye, rearing up from the branch. The detail within the droplet is wonderful!

    V glad you’ve seen LOTR – it should be required viewing! Does the droplet remind you of looking into the distorted view shown in a palantir (?spelling), those great globes by which Sauron could see all and keep in touch with his minions???


    1. Yes – I thought of a worm too!

      LOTR is an amazing trilogy. I never read the books but will make time to do so now. Yes – I think one of the scenes with the palantir does remind me of this.

      It has taken me longer to type this reply as I caught my right index finger in a door at work yesterday and it is all bandaged up. Throws one’s touch typing straight out of the window.

      Many thanks, Adrian.


        1. Thank you very much for your kind words! Yes – all photos taken with this lovely little Pentax Optio – apart from one photo posted in April 2011 which was taken with my ‘elderly’ mobile phone πŸ™‚


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