Ground Hole Day


Potholes in the ground fill up with water as the UK continues to deal with one rainstorm after another coming in from the Atlantic.

It was the wettest January since records began; it rained for 23 days out of the 31. Homes and farmland are flooded throughout the South and homes are falling into the sea. Parts of Devon and Cornwall are cut off from the rest of England because the railway line which connects them has fallen apart.

It all looks set to continue into much of February ……..

14 thoughts on “Ground Hole Day

    1. Gosh – that’s pretty scary if that sounds like a typical Winter on the Oregon Coast. We are used to more temperate weather in the UK and are quite unprepared for extremes of any sort.

      I’m so pleased you appreciate the title 😉


  1. Serious wishes for improvement soon, M. I hope you weren’t trying to get around on a bicycle or that, if you were on foot, you had adequate wellies or were able to borrow at least hip waders from a fly-fishing friend. It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced that much persistent rain, but I remember very well the serious concerns that result. Hope you stay high and dry!


    1. Wellies have become an essential piece of kit around here! Waders would probably be better, but then I might be tempted to enter water too high and, as a non-swimmer, that could be quite dangerous! It’s just as well I don’t live near the sea as I would be very tempted to get close to big waves for the photo opportunity 😉

      Thanks, Gary!


  2. sounds terrible. saw some footage on the news of the storm surges and holy moly that looked pretty bad… I do hope it moderates soon and you get lots of sun and an early spring. We just have lots of snow… 🙂


    1. Thank you, Sheila. There’s no let-up at present and the floods are affecting more and more areas. I’ve read about your snow and the polar vortex and that some parts of the US are suffering droughts. Let’s look forward to Spring and some more temperate weather 🙂


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