Against the Grain


An image from June last year – a fallen flower head from an unidentified plant which has landed ‘against the grain’ on wooden planks.

The sun shone today but – strangely – I didn’t feel like going out. I know not why. Perhaps I feel tired of puddles and mud, or maybe I was in a contemplative mood satisfied by staying in.

It’s so hard to type at the moment; a touch-typist is always going to find it hard going with an index finger out of action. A door I had entered and exited a thousand times at work caught me out on Friday as aforementioned finger became almost sliced between door and door frame. I was told at the A&E department of the local hospital that I might have a deformed fingernail forever – a token of a memory of a job I am soon to leave behind.

14 thoughts on “Against the Grain

  1. Oh, no! Index finger on which hand? Fingers are the ultimate extensions of our minds, in so many ways–I wish you the very best possible full recovery! On the other hand (sorry), I think that monochrome is just right for this offering.


    1. Thank you, Gary. It’s my right hand – the one I use for most things! I still can’t quite fathom how I managed it – rushing around without thinking, mainly!

      Ah – it does look like monochrome, doesn’t it? It’s actually a colour image!


  2. Nice image, low contrast suits this well. Not being one, I’ve always thought touch-typists weird – watching them doing it just makes me believe in life on other worlds. Still, there’s always a silver lining, since if your fingernail is deformed forever, you’ll always be able to look at it, think of your (soon to be) old job, and raise a finger in order to both express yourself and see it better … 🙂 …


    1. Weird: check. Life on other worlds: check. I’ve taken off the outer dressings today so the constrained finger might be back in action soon.

      Someone showed me their deformed fingernail today. They trapped their finger in the 1940s and only realised they had broken their finger when in recent years they had an x-ray on their wrist.

      The fingernail was pretty ‘orrible. I ‘ope mine doesn’t end up looking like that. Excuse the dropped aitches; the touc typing isn’t up to scratc yet 😉


  3. Oh I do sympathize. I broke my left wrist one Christmas and found the ‘hunt and peck’ method of typing extremely difficult. Apparently my fingers know where the letters are – but my brain doesn’t! 🙂 Hope your finger heals quickly. I was in the cast for three months!


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