en masse


Memories from June last year. Some grassflowers in a tight group enjoy a bit of June warmth on a grey day.

I can’t bring myself to photograph much at the moment. I’m feeling a bit fed up of rain, puddles, and mud. At least I’m not having to bale out water from the house or having to rescue treasured items from dirty water or having to evacuate my home. How very miserable it must be for many people coping with the floods here in southern England at present. It’s all set to get even worse over the next few days.

The weather is the main topic of conversation here at present …….. just for a change šŸ˜‰

12 thoughts on “en masse

  1. Weather has been rather strange the past year [or two]. I’m happy to hear you are safe and dry. Hopefully Mother Nature will treat us kindly… Our weather here is a bit indecisive this winter but at least not harsh as it’s been to so many countries. Lovely image, Meanderer! šŸ™‚


    1. We’ve had strong winds here today accompanying the rain. No let up until May one of the papers said. It’s all very strange and very tiresome. Thanks, David. I hope you get some respite from all the snow soon.


    1. Thank you for your good words, Lynn. It does make one wonder what the heck is going on with the weather. Today was a little better and tomorrow looks promising too. A bit of respite for those with the dreaded polluted floodwater inside their homes.


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