Ginger Whinger


A close-up of  a goatsbeard seedhead from June 2011.

I was reminded of the ginger connection this morning when listening to a report on the Winter Olympics and a competitor being called ‘the tomato’ something or other due to his red hair. I immediately thought: no, ginger-haired people are more carrot-coloured than tomato-coloured – at least, in my family. Tomato references should be reserved for people like me – fair-skinned but whose faces turn red from embarrassment, too much alcohol, hot flushes – and so on, rather than being indicated by the colour of hair.

I would describe siblings in my family as more carrot-coloured – orange – rather than red. These days, I am more silver than red or carrot or auburn or brunette or …… whatever ……  but the ginger connection persists.

The phrase ‘ginger whinger’ is possibly a footballing one from years gone by but definitely something from the 70s. I can say with some authority, however, that the ginger ones in my family are more fiery than whingeing. The whingeing is definitely reserved for me – not quite ginger and not quite fiery, but definitely ‘whingery’.

Happy birthday ginge.

6 thoughts on “Ginger Whinger

  1. There is a ‘ginger’ thread running through our family as well. I was when young, but it faded, and is now fully ‘white’. I think my temperament faded with my hair! Our youngest son is the same, but without the comprehensive hair loss and fade.

    Nearly forgot (memory fade this time), I love this image.


    1. Ah – so you have lost some of the fieriness over time; interesting. I guess one starts to think that it’s a waste of energy being fiery a lot of the time. I really need to whinge a bit less, I think 😉

      Many thanks, Dave!


  2. Hi, M >>> I love this picture, both the colours that uplift my spirit, and the diffuse textures busily going here, there and everywhere. And because you’ve written more than usual, and shed a veil. A


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