Power Cut


A reflection of power lines caught in a puddle.

The floods continue – along with high winds and the resulting power outages. Low pressure weather systems from the Atlantic have arrived in the UK one after the other for weeks now.

I nearly got blown into the road by the wind tonight whilst walking home from work. The sky was an angry red and grey. We will be needing boats rather than cars soon.

29 thoughts on “Power Cut

  1. Hello Meanderer, I hope you’ve got the same weather today that we are having. The wind has dropped right off and the sun is shining, it’s glorious – the first time for months though.

    Also on the bright side, if it does become necessary, kayaking is good fun 😉


    1. Hello Finn! Yes, the weather today has been glorious. Went out this afternoon to photograph a flooded park. It was fantastic to feel the warmth of the sun on the skin – absolutely tremendous.

      No kayaking today, but a wonderful welly wade 😉


  2. This is good – and I can see it rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise too. You ought to do more mono. I love the word “outage” – guess it implies normality is an “inage” or “innage”. I’m suffering Levels withdrawal symptoms. A


    1. I guess it might be some time before you can get access to the levels. It’s surprising how many roads around here are closed due to floods.

      Many thanks for your comments. I hadn’t thought of rotating it sidewards!


    1. Yes – it must have looked like that. It has been quite bad but hopefully it won’t get any worse. We’ve had less rain this past week and the river levels have subsided a little but there is still so much saturated ground with the resulting lying ground water. We are used to flooding from time to time – particularly in Summer in recent years – but I don’t remember so much rain in such a short space of time.


  3. Superb composition. Hope all is well. The weather for the winter months have been one for the books in almost every hemisphere. We plunged back into below normal temperatures & southern Ontario braces for another winter storm. In London Ontario, where my son lives, they went from plus 8 Celsius to winter storm advisory in 12 hours..


    1. Many thanks, Joseph. Yes – the weather has been pretty extreme this Winter in many places. Fortunately, the flooded areas – and most of the UK – hasn’t had rain for over a week now. The recent sunshine and warmth is helping to dry things out a little.


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