Crocus in Water


We had some welcome respite from the rain and wind today. The sun shone: hooray! The winds were light: hooray! The sun was warm: hooray! There was a definite feeling of Spring.

There was, however, a lot of flooding in evidence. We decided upon a destination – a local RSPB site – but had to turn back because roads leading to said site were closed due to flooding. We then turned our attention to pretty parkland situated ‘in town’.

The park was flooded but many people were out enjoying the sunshine. The addition of wellies enabled us to wade across the park to photograph trees and wildlife. Here is a crocus – one of many planted around trees – sitting in several inches of water.

14 thoughts on “Crocus in Water

    1. Yes, the little fly has a safe haven for a while.

      We drove home past an area of land which has many trees in it and which also floods a little whenever we have copious amounts of rain. A few days ago, after the first set of strong winds, I noticed a few trees down. Today, probably half – maybe more – trees were down. It reminded me of the scene from Siberia several years ago when a strange occurrence caused trees to be flattened over a large area. I think the shock of all this extreme weather hasn’t quite sunk in yet (excuse the pun).


      1. I know what you mean. My favourite tree was a poplar that stood on a corner of a field and was home to a family of kestrels last which I posted about. It was a wonderful tree and it’s now no more – taken down by the winds at the weekend. It was an enormous tree with a 6-7 foot diameter trunk and was snapped off cleanly about 8 feet off the ground. I’m amazed that the wind can do that to a tree with no leaves on, it must have sounded like an artillery shot when it snapped!


  1. Oh that’s nice, that’s really nice. The flower’s interior really jumps out from the other, more muted colours – and you’ve caught a spider too! Good stuff! Adrian 🙂 >>> oh and I know just what you mean about the feeling of Spring yesterday – I’d forgotten what such weather felt like!


  2. This is a lovely reminder of the weather we should be expecting now. Let’s hope the waters recede fairly quickly and that spring turns up soon. We’ve had enough. I spotted an opening Primrose on our front bank yesterday, so there is hope! 🙂


    1. It’s those little signs which fill us with hope and promise, isn’t it? I love primroses.

      I do hope the crocuses survive all the water. Hopefully, if we get a couple of dry days, the water may recede around them. Yesterday, however, we had more peristent rain.


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