Reed Path


Bright Winter sunlight illuminates a patch of reeds alongside a flooded path. River water was arriving onto the path from both sides. The reflection of the reeds can be seen amidst the blue of the water, and the red bricks which line the edge of the path can also be seen.

26 thoughts on “Reed Path

    1. It looks as if we won’t have the stormy conditions this week so hopefully the water may start to recede. It has been going on so long, however, that it will take ages for things to get back to normal. The ground is saturated, so in places water is coming up and is sitting or finding its way into people’s homes – and that is a separate issue to the rivers bursting their banks. I really can’t answer your second question. It is still raining most days and people’s homes and businesesses are still flooded and many roads are still shut. It all feels a bit unreal.


  1. I love it. I think the colours of the reeds and water go well together. I am guessing that the wave along the edge of the path is due to wind and wave coming in from the reed bed before being flattened when it meets the path. Is that correct? Sorry, but the question jumped into my mind. 🙂


    1. Many thanks, Dave. I’m not quite sure what is causing the wave. My guess is that it is where the two sides of the river are meeting on the path. On the left the water was coming across slower that the right hand side where there was more movement. There wasn’t very much wind that day.


    1. That’s very kind. Thanks so much, David. I remember waiting for folks to move ahead before I took the photo. It was such a beautiful day – a bright warm and dry one amidst the wet grey!


  2. Until I read what you had written I was puzzled by that magenta diagonal. I love the texture of the water and the way it is heaped up just before we reach the reeds. A beautiful image, Meanderer.


  3. Oh this is good too – you’re on a roll, but I know it can’t be ham … 🙂 I very much like the combination of the colours, the blues on one side and the very pale golds on the other – a classic colour combo! And then there is the texture contrast, horizontal one side and vertical the other. And lastly that ridge in the water, where it is flowing up over something maybe, and smoother on one side and rougher on the other. This is an excellent shot, and one of those where the more I look at it, the more I see. Like the fact that the picture is helped by the line between all of these contrasting zones not being vertical, but being on a shallow diagonal.

    Its really heartening that so much can be made out of so little – that’s one thing that photography is about – >>> maybe your impending life change is starting to liberate you! A 🙂


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