Cathedral and Reeds


A view through reeds and the river Avon towards Salisbury Cathedral which is illuminated by the late afternoon Winter sun.

I have a monochrome version of the scene but somehow the browns and blues exemplify England on a fair Winter’s day much better.

20 thoughts on “Cathedral and Reeds

  1. Beautiful picture, tourist brochure stuff – and I mean that in a good way, before you start hurling your Duvel empties at me! 🙂 And you’ve got a Black-headed Gull in the frame too!

    And I’m sure mono would have been far less effective, I agree with you entirely, the blues are essential here! A 🙂


    1. Duvel empty – singular 😉 I don’t mind you saying it’s tourist brochure stuff – why would I be offended?! I enjoy landscapes when I get the chance or think about photographing them. As I said to Dave, I can look at this and be reminded of that beautiful Sunday afternoon. One doesn’t get that always with a close-up or abstract.

      Many thanks!


    1. Yes – I see what you mean. It blends in so easily with its Natural surroundings, doesn’t it? The cathedral can be seen for miles around and has the tallest medieval spire in Europe.

      Many thanks, Cocomino.


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