Something VERY different from me today! I had the opportunity to look at and photograph a circuit board from an old VCR.

The little details are endlessly fascinating. I like the green colour here and the little shiny metal components which point in different directions. This is the first in a mini ‘circuit board’ series.

18 thoughts on “7607

  1. For some reason, this takes me back to the first time I watched (the old) Tron. I was hopelessly fascinated. I’ve always wished I’d gotten deeper into computers when they were really in their first stages, but am very grateful that I embraced them as early as I did and have learned as much as I have!


    1. Yes, it’s very different to my usual! It’s good to step outside the usual from time to time. I enjoy the abstract quality of such objects, and the little details! Thank you, Cocomino!


  2. Wonderful! I agree with Ashley, it looks like an aerial photo of some human environment – the green is grass, there are many paths or roads – and those switch-like things look unnervingly like some kind of large guns!!! Yes, a new departure – are you off down Liberated Lane, mm? A 🙂


    1. Thank you, Adrian! I will still be taking and posting Nature images, but these objects are completely fascinating to look at and photograph. I have a couple more to post but may stop before it becomes a case of ‘circuit bored’ 🙂


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