In the Spotlight


A group of sweet primrose flowers take in the soft dappled afternoon sun.

What a marvellous day it has been – a real wonderful sign of Spring: blue sky throughout the day, warm sunshine, bird song, Spring flowers popping up everywhere …….. It feels good; very good.

12 thoughts on “In the Spotlight

  1. How wonderfully warm and welcoming! It’s great to see that your spring continues to develop as hoped. There are signs–not surprisingly–that autumn is on its way down here, and we’re welcoming it as well. Beautiful photo, M!


  2. Very beautiful, M! I really like the faint textures on the petals. The good weather does feel very good – but maybe it feels more so to you now. The village of Muchelney, way down in the Levels, is accessible now by ordinary vehicles – after 64 days of being an island! Adrian


    1. Whenever I’ve been out and about enjoying the beautiful weather recently, I have thought of those who were flooded. It must be such a relief to have dry and warm weather for those affected.

      I’m pleased you like this one, Adrian. I love to photograph primroses. These are from the garden where they Spring up all over the place!


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