Willow Screen


A very large Willow tree stands shrouded in fog whilst a wood-pigeon sits amidst the branches surveying its territory. The thin wispy branches remind me of a screen.

Got up and out very early this morning to take advantage of the fog. I’ve never photographed in fog before – a bit of mist, yes – but not fog. I quite enjoyed myself as I walked familiar footpaths and highways and byways which were – for me – newly shrouded in damp grey fog. I love the way one’s hearing is heightened in such conditions – the slightest movement – a trodden-on twig or a tiny bird’s flutter in a hedgerow can be heard so clearly in the damp foggy atmosphere. I revelled in the atmosphere as drips and drops from overhead branches covered my hair in soft dew.

This afternoon the fog lifted and welcomed in blue sky, sunshine, and marvellously warm temperatures. It was warm enough to go out without a coat for the first time in months. What a day of contrasts.

Tomorrow looks to be the same. I hope to get up and out early again.

28 thoughts on “Willow Screen

  1. Oh that’s nice, lots of mood and atmosphere – and there’s the pigeon! The weeping fronds of the willow seem to form a kind of grey screen behind the darker silhouettes of the thicker branches – almost as if there’s a truly vast tree trunk, with vertically striated bark, behind the silhouettes of the willow’s main trunk etc. Good stuff! A


    1. Thank you, Adrian. I’m pleased you like the moody atmosphere. This Willow is rather majestic and huge in size – illustrated by the diminished wood pigeon almost hidden in there!


          1. Our willow buds have just begun to open today with the palest shade of green. A beautiful harbinger of spring 😉 What fun to play inside such a tree, and what beautiful memories those must be. WG


            1. How lovely! Yes – Willows are amongst the earliest trees here to sprout! I love them – all of them 🙂 Yes, it was fun to play under that huge tree with its sweeping swaying branches. It was a long time ago; I wonder whether it is still there …….


  2. That looks like a wonderful old weeping willow. The image definitely benefits from the fog – it has softened all those more distant thin hanging branches very effectively.


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