21 thoughts on “Willow Cascade

    1. Thank you, Truels; I’m pleased you like the foggy series (more coming up)! I have a new-found love of fog. I really enjoyed photographing in it. I like the atmosphere and the lack of distraction in the background.


  1. I nearly missed this one! And I think I prefer it to the first one, mainly because of the faint green hues that you refer to – and also because the great dense bulk of the tree (with its dull green hues) is over on the right, and then those great gnarled fingers of branches splay out across the pale sky towards upper left – its a good composition, a good shot! A


    1. Thank you, Adrian. Yes, the green hues appeal to me very much with this one too. I have more Willow images to post. I’m having a bit of a Willow-fest at the moment. I’ve even purchased some Willow charcoal sticks in order to draw ……. Willows!


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