A large group of daffodils on a bright sunny March afternoon.


38 thoughts on “Daffs

  1. How inviting–come lie among us and have a nice spring nap! I see there have been some warmish days back home, but ours are probably not yet ready to show themselves, I’m pretty sure. They usually wait until April, but there have been a few early-warm springs (especially 2007) when they’ve popped early. I’ll report as soon as they do.


  2. This is good too. The slant of the ground – real or unreal – helps it a lot, and it has a slightly diffuse look, which puts it on the road towards painterliness – good stuff! And the darkness at the top, and lower right, keep my eye within those beautiful blooms, that appear to be processing or flowing downhill. A πŸ™‚


    • Thank you, Adrian. I was a bit concerned as to how I was going to try and photograph these daffs. Tricky. Very tricky. I shot straight into the light with an ev of -7 hoping for the best – hence the diffuse look. It was a beautiful afternoon and the daffs looked so pretty. An afternoon to remember.


    • I photographed these at a local stately home and garden. The garden was roped off in many areas – including the wide expanse of these enlivening daffs – but I was pleased to be able to get a shot or two.


    • Thank you, Truels! Yes, since the never-ending rain and flooding stopped, we have had really quite pleasant Spring-like weather. All set to change at the weekend, though!


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