False Floor


An abstract image of part of the new Visitor’s Centre at Stonehenge.

It’s a quirky building with an interesting structure and acoustics. Upon arrival one wonders why it has been built in such a way, but the trip back to the building from the Stones perhaps answers this question. I’ll offer no further opinion or insight but a quick internet search will reveal more images – and polarised opinions!

The image has been rotated 180 degrees.

7 thoughts on “False Floor

  1. Oh that’s nice – the rotation adds a lot, as do the limited colours and the varying angles of the pillars. Haven’t been to Stonehenge for many years, not since a visit with my first wife in the early 1990s, but its great to be not too far from, and it hits me from many directions. A


  2. Fascinating view M ! Driven past several times whilst it was being built but not seen it completed yet . There must be a great difference to the area around and opposite the actual Stonehenge site now …


    1. Thank you, Poppy. There are still works going on around the old site, and areas cordoned off with bits of metal and plastic fencing here and there. They are excavating part of the old car park as there are some old post holes situated there which pre-date the existing stones. The new Visitor Centre will look better when the landscaping has matured a little. It all looks a bit bare and arid at the moment. I think EH are hoping it will look better by the Summer.


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