16 thoughts on “Smoky Trees

  1. I like the great drooping columns of green here, and the colour of the smoke helps set them off. And I’ve often wondered what magnolias are – I know them as Tulip trees! A


    1. Many thanks, Adrian. There are amazingly more than 200 species of Magnolia – a couple of which I have featured on my blog. The flowers can be quite different from ‘saucer-shaped’ to ‘star-shaped’. They vary greatly in size too from very small bush-size ones like this, to very tall trees. If you ever visit Sir Harold Hillier gardens in Hampshire, you will be treated to many different species; they have a wide and wonderful collection. There is a tulip magnolia – also known as the Japanese magnolia and there are also tulip trees which are related to the magnolia family.


    1. Many thanks, Finn. I expect I have a shot or two of this scene in the archives without the smoke. There’s usually quite a bit of distraction in the background with a field and further trees. I like this because it shows off the willows nicely!


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