Some bright yellow globe flowers (trollius) look even brighter in a shady spot next to a river. These cheerful Spring flowers with their large fleshy leaves need a damp spot to thrive.

Edit 09.04.14: Just realised that these flowers arent’ globe flowers but are actually Marsh Marigolds. I should have noticed the difference in the leaves between the two. Thanks to Mike at Wilden Marsh.


12 thoughts on “Globeflowers

    • Many thanks, Adrian! Yes, the contrast really helps show off the colour of the flowers. I tried to grow these many years ago and hadn’t realised they needed damp ground. It’s possibly why they look so good right now with all the damp claggy soil around.


    • Yes, that’s true – although I haven’t ‘noticed‘ many, doesn’t mean there aren’t lots around! Actually our little yellow celandines have been flowering abundantly with all the moisture – I’ve never seen so many!


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