Blossom Bustle


A white blossom tree rushes past with a row of daffodils in the foreground.

This is an image from my first attempt at creating motion blur. It’s not quite what I was aiming for but it’s the one I like best out of the 60 or so I tried yesterday! I’ve admired these types of images for a long time and the overcast conditions yesterday – with the added smog – helped with the experiment.

16 thoughts on “Blossom Bustle

  1. Haha!!! I’ve just seen this on Freshly Pressed and I had to come straight over to rant on about it – GREAT STUFF!!! – its so good to see this!!! This lack of regimented toil and stress is bringing forth substantial goodies!!! Its no good, I can feel silly Star Wars impressions welling up from my particulars – “Luke … come to the Dark Side … Luke ….”

    I like this image, and can see it rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise too, when the white blossom and the darker “stuff” below it will form a diffuse triangle, and the blurred daffs will be a yellow streak amongst darkish green slanting down towards the right.

    Hints I can offer – if you haven’t already thought of them – are to experiment with varying shutter and camera movement speeds and directions. And to start with the camera pointing out beyond the side of the subject, and then to make the exposure as you’re swinging the camera across the subject – and with follow through at the end of the swing. But of course any sort of camera movement will produce effects.

    Go ape more often!!! More please!!! A


    1. That’s an interesting question! I love the softness – the merging of form and colour. I like that one gets an impression of what’s there rather than the subject sharply standing out. I like the sense of movement. I like being able to get lost in the image. My eyes rest gently there. My soul is soothed.


  2. It’s quite a trick to get things just so to create the tantalizing abstract while leaving enough of an impression of the original subject to filter through to complete the whole. You really brought it all together here. I’m with Adrian–more, please!


    1. Thank you, Gary. Yes – that’s ultimately what I was after. The other 60 or so images had too much detail in them. I haven’t been out to practise again – very rainy at the moment.


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