Hellebores in Sun


A group of pretty pink Hellebore flowers sitting in soft afternoon sun. These shade-loving early Spring flowers tend to sit with their heads bowed – as if they’re sensitive to bright light. Here, though, one or two of them seem to be lapping it up!

The overall arrangement and colours remind me of an embroidered shawl I was given as a present many years ago by a wonderful headteacher who was about to retire.

27 thoughts on “Hellebores in Sun

    1. I love the way something new happens in Nature almost by the minute at this time of year. The large horse chestnut tree I can see from the window where I type was still in bud about a week or so ago. Now, all the leaves are out, and they will continue to get bigger by the day. It is all very exciting!


  1. What a beautiful patch of Hellebores! Your photo makes them look like stained glass- I’m reminded of a Tiffany lamp with the areas of illumination an darkness. Such an inspired photo…again πŸ˜‰


  2. Yes, I can understand what you mean about the shawl. This image comes over to me, not as a picture of flowers and their foliage, but as a very attractive mixture of shapes and colours – and especially so if I do the old trick of looking at it through half-closed eyes – its very attractive. A


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