The Space In-between


This photo is one of those sort of accidental ones – kind of unintended, but not quite. I was aiming towards trees with the intention of creating another motion blur image, but I hadn’t intended the result.

When I viewed the image later on, on the computer, I liked it. I can’t take much credit for it really. Perhaps that’s a reason why I like it. Sort of.

12 thoughts on “The Space In-between

  1. Oh do stop agonising, M! Its a good picture and whether you meant it to be like this is irrelevant – you’re not going all puritanical on me are??? Remember the mantra: if its looks good it is good – end of story.

    And you cause a chill hand to grasp my heart when you start talking about how much credit is due to you and how much to your camera >>> many of my pictures would be totally unthinkable without modern camera technology – autofocus, for a start, is a real miracle for my aging eyes! I simply shudder at the thought of manually focusing on anything that isn’t a tripod-mounted macro shot!

    I like this picture. Its high key and pallid, and it works very well – its distinctly unusual. And there are two layers of goodies here. The trunks in the foreground obviously. But this front row is very well supported by the attenuated and faintly seen forms out behind them, which seem to be on the point of disappearing into the blistering glare. A 🙂


  2. It works for me – that’s for sure. Sometimes the unlikely ones are the best. Have you thought of trying a B&W conversion of this? There are two school of thought: first that the trace of colour helps, or second that the trace of colour adds nothing to the picture. That’s a purely personal judgement. Going to B&W, you could then try playing around with the tonal range a bit more.


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